Eyewire Summer Games: Diving for Accuracy

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Welcome, welcome to the first event of the Eyewire Summer Games! As you probably know, we’re all about that accuracy here. What’s one sport that requires expert attention to precision and correctness? Diving, of course. It also seems very daring to fling yourself down into a big pool of water. We like daring, too. If you feel brave and accurate, you should join us for our Accuracy Happy Hours.

There will be two chances to dive into cubes and have the judges evaluate your form (all times EDT):

Session 1 – 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM on 8/19
Session 2 – 10:00 PM to 11:59 PM on 8/19

EyeWire HQ will bestow typical Happy Hour bonuses for your work during each of those time frames, but there’s more than that to earn!

80% accuracy – Bronze medal! Stand proudly with your fellow champions.
90% accuracy – Your accuracy is truly masterful. A silver medal for you.
95% accuracy – Maybe a perfect 10 is impossible, but you’re as close as anyone can get! A gold medal for you.

Extra point bonuses will be added to your baseline Happy Hour earnings, as follows:

1st Place Accuracy – 10,000 point bonus
2nd Place Accuracy – 8,000 point bonus
3rd Place Accuracy – 6,000 point bonus
Anyone else with 95% – 5,000 point bonus
Anyone else with 90% – 3,000 point bonus
Anyone else with 80% – 2,000 point bonus
Under 80% but played at least 20 cubes – 1,000 point bonus

Please remember that these bonuses are non-cumulative; first place accuracy gets a flat 10,000 points, for example.

Mentors: You are still allowed to mentor people during these time windows. Please just use your best judgment as to whether someone is asking you for basic newbie help vs. trying to have you boost their accuracy on cube after cube.

Scythes: Please avoid scything during these time windows. Even though accuracy for this will be retroactively calculated, we would prefer to go with accuracy based on players’ raw tracing. By the time this challenge is scored, don’t worry, admins will have corrected consensus as needed.

Artwork by Daniela Gamba

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