Mecha Santa vs. Werewolves: Awards!

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Now that we’ve posted this month’s promotions, we’d also like to take a moment to recognize the achievements of everyone who took part in the great Mecha Santa vs. Werewolves challenge. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and are now ready for a happy holiday season. Check out the competition stats below or full (searchable) sheet here. Congratulations to everyone!

Accuracy Happy Hours

Screenshot from 2015-12-11 16:44:08


Screenshot from 2015-12-11 14:35:31

Evil Cubes

Screenshot from 2015-12-11 14:33:03

Game Creators

Screenshot from 2015-12-11 14:33:54

Triviathanks to @nkem for the inquizitor bot!

Screenshot from 2015-12-11 14:36:36

Mecha Santa vs. Werewolves: Werewolves Win!

Screenshot from 2015-12-11 14:37:29

All Participants

Screenshot from 2015-12-11 14:44:57

Edited 12/14: Eyewirers, we’ve discovered there was a small glitch with the marathon scoring, and some of you did not receive correct bonuses. We’ve adjusted everything now! If you were not rewarded sufficiently, you can check the score sheet or your profile now and view the proper amount. If you were rewarded erroneously… enjoy those free points!

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