EyeWire Monthly Stats: July 2014

July was a big month for EyeWire — we completed our 150th neuron, four players joined the millionaire’s club, watch mode came back, scythe complete deployed and a plethora of science posts went live on the blog.

Stats stats and more stats:

Cubes Completed: 189,991

Points Won: 8,572,053

New Players: 2,899

Countries Represented: 68

Neurons Mapped: 15

July’s top player in both cubes and points is @Nseraf, racking up nearly a million points (953,956 to be exact) and completing 8,042 cubes. He is followed closely by @iridium, bringing home 863,782 points and mapping 7,388 cubes.

Congratulations to our 4 players who joined the millionaire’s club: @carpwoman, @michellewooten, @jbinsc and @beneficus.

Top Players by Points

1 Nseraf 953956
2 iridium 863782
3 twister2 726146
4 a5hm0r 578160
5 galarun 570214
6 benficus 527084
7 LotteryDiscountz 515540
8 jbinsc 402227
9 susi 388880
10 aesanta1 357990

Top Players by Cubes

1 Nseraf 8042
2 iridium 7388
3 twister2 5071
4 a5hm0r 4788
5 galarun 4734
6 LotteryDiscountz 4585
7 benficus 4470
8 aesanta1 3606
9 jbinsc 3426
10 susi 3175

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FOR SCIENCE! EyeWire’s summer science writers Danny and Katya released several new neuroscience posts, including: Fundamentals of the Retina, Anatomy of a Neuron, Fundamentals of the Retina and History of Imaging Part 1 and Part 2.

Check out all our science content here.


EyeWirers completed the 150th neuron!

Watch Mode is back — now you can get mentored in EyeWire!

Scythe Complete was beta tested (and deployed Aug 5).

eyewire meme grumpy cat 1


@a5hm0r and @cerebus won The EyeWire Cup. Congrats to all contenders!

Team Doge dominated over Grumpy Cat in EyeWire’s first internet meme team battle.

Pointiness prevails in a culinary takedown.

Hufflepuff won the Houses of Hogwarts Challenge. The New York Times stopped by for a visit and covertly joined us for the awards ceremony

Stay tuned for more news and fresh funny team competitions every other week. Thanks for playing and as always, we’ll see you online at EyeWire.org.



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