150 Neurons Mapped in EyeWire!

We’ve come so far since the days of 1 cell a week! Today we celebrate the 150th neuron mapped in EyeWire. Check out the video of 50 cells mapped by you, rendered in OMNI:

Also, to say thanks for all your hard work, we’ll be rewarding you with a 1.5 point multiplier on our next Mystery Cell, Mystery #56!

EyeWire by the Numbers

Players: 140,000

Countries: 145

Cubes: 2,955,000

EyeWire launched on Dec 10, 2012. In the beginning, we had a different logo, no chat colors, no teams, no Starburst Challenge (in fact players couldn’t even complete starburst cells). There were no tutorial videos. Scouts and scythes didn’t exist. Weighted voting wasn’t a thing. The blog was sparkly new and our Twitter and Facebook pages were barely there. And now, just 1 year and 8 months later, look how far we’ve come!

You are coauthors in a Nature Paper! Two players (@twister2 and @DannyS) now work at EyeWire HQ. The EyeWire community is plowing through cells at quadruple the original rate – and the cells are more advanced than the ones we released at launch.

This is only the beginning. We’ve started out strong and we’re going harder and faster – the months ahead will reveal new features, diverse languages, developer tools, more animations, visualizations and educational resources, even an entirely new game (seriously). But don’t worry because original EyeWire will always be online. We’re sincerely delighted to have you as a part of the EyeWire community and look forward to seeing what the next months and years hold. You are catalyzing a change in how neuroscience is done. Be proud.

Thanks for playing and as always we’ll see you online at EyeWire.org.


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