Watch Mode is Back!

Watch mode is back and better than ever!

If you’re having difficulty with your cube, just ask an admin or a mentor for some assistance! They will enter your cube with you and give you pointers.

In watch mode, admins and mentors can see your trace in real time, and can let you know what you are getting right and getting wrong. They can also take control of the cube and add segments that you may have forgotten, delete mergers, or scroll to an important section to give you a hint.


Watch mode uses 5 colors.

  • The seed – now a dark turquoise for all players in any mode!
  • Regular trace – a light turquoise, this is the color you use in regular play.
  • Explore mode – green, used to add segments that can be committed or discarded before you submit.
  • Watcher trace – purple, these pieces show up when a watcher (admin) adds a piece.
  • Watcher explore – pink, when a watcher (admin) uses explore mode these pieces show up.

Watch mode will only be used at your request.  If you ask an admin to watch you, you will be notified by a line in chat once they have joined your cube.

watchmodejoincube Watch mode is especially handy for new players who are having difficulty with a particular cube, or even advanced players who need a second opinion on a particularly difficult cube.

Office Hours

Eyewire also holds scheduled “Office Hours” for anyone who would like extra help getting started.  Think of Office Hours like private Eyewire tutoring sessions just for you!

Office hours last 10-15 minutes and will be held weekdays between 10 am and 6 pm EST, except for between 10:30 and 11:30am on Mondays and between noon and 1pm on Wednesdays.

To schedule Office Hours with an admin, please email with the subject line “Office Hours.” In your email please note your preferred time to meet, and mention anything specific you would like to work on.

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