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Eyewire Cup Semifinals

  The Eyewire Quarterfinals are complete. Congrats to the top 4 teams are moving onto the Semifinals: Antarctica, Egypt, Poland, and Switzerland! The …

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Eyewire Cup Hunt

The Eyewire Cup is getting closer!  But first let’s do an exercise in merger finding with a good old fashioned Hunt.  If …

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Join a Live Science Chat with Ashwin

Save the date! Seung Lab postdoc, electron microscope expert, and zebrafish researcher Ashwin Vishwanathan will be hosting a live science chat in …

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Surprise Happy Hour

  It’s Martin Luther King day here in America. Today we celebrate equality and progress. Despite the news, the world is actually …

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A Celestial Expedition for Starbursts

Trace toward the light of the Celestial Expedition! Remember Starburst cells?  Those beautiful cells that have dendrites that centrally “burst” from the …

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Halloween Pumpkin Hours

Calling all ghosts and goblins! We’re celebrating the world’s most chilling holiday with two popup pumpkin happy hours today, October 31, from 2-4 pm …