Undersea Odyssey Closing Ceremony Chat Transcript

Eyewire, citizen science, marine biology, Undersea Odyssey, Nurro

ICYMI, here’s the full transcript from the closing ceremony of Eyewire’s Undersea Odyssey. Check your notifications feed for bonus information. Thanks for swimming along. For science!

devonjones | 5 minutes left in HH!
devonjones | lots of people around right now, awesome
amy | for science!
nkem_test | ZA ZNANOST!
kinryuu | for science!
nkem_test | PARA A CIÊNCIA!
dragonturtle | FOR SCIENCE!
gamid | für die wissenschaft!
nkem_test | FYRIR VÍSINDA!
dragonturtle | for science!
mamateresa | qoo hoo!
devonjones | woohooooooo!
mamateresa | woo hoo!
devonjones | haha
celiad | yay!
Iniquity_ | for science!
nkem_test | สำหรับวิทยาศาสตร์!
Iniquity_ | and ever further onward!
devonjones | 😀
devonjones | bonuses comin’
devonjones | yum yum
devonjones | and on that note…
Iniquity_ | so uh
devonjones | welcome one and all to the closing ceremony for our undersea odyssey!
mamateresa | nice, maggie!
Iniquity_ | hurray!
devonjones | did you all enjoy taking a dip in the neuron-encrusted ocean?
amy | /me cheers!
Iniquity_ | vee got rusted
kinryuu | lol
Iniquity_ | i need to pull him up with a fishing rod
maggielnb | Thanks!
sorek.m | /me bloop bloop
mamateresa | It was a lot of fun, Dev!
devonjones | thank you mama! i love marine biology so much and i was so thrilled to get a chance to share that passion with everyone here
devonjones | the ocean is so incredible, so fragile, and so weird
kinryuu | It was fun!
celiad | yeah the ocean is a pretty crazy world
devonjones | one last plug for the citizen science projects we linked in our announcement post: https://blog.eyewire.org/welcome-to-eyewires-undersea-odyssey/
amy | and so tasty
Iniquity_ | hey devon!
devonjones | they are a great way to get involved with helping the marine environment if you feel inspired to do so
devonjones | hi!
Iniquity_ | i have a question
Iniquity_ | so uh
Iniquity_ | i need to get vee’s batteries but they all fell out of the submersible
devonjones | ooh that’s a tough one
devonjones | i’ll do some research and get back to you after the awards and promotions 😉
amy | /me passes Inquity a spare battery
Iniquity_ | thanks amy
devonjones | as for the awards, well where else to begin but at the beginning?
Iniquity_ | /me is changing Vee’s battery
devonjones | accuracy happy hours!
devonjones | how do you think you did?
Iniquity_ | ok
twotwos | ok
devonjones | we’re about to find out… first, presenting the accuracy challengers, who earned at least 80% accuracy during one of the time windows
maggielnb | not so hot
devonjones | congrats challengers!
celiad | woo great job folks!
maggielnb | congrats!
gamid | congrats!
devonjones | 😀
devonjones | next, the accuracy masters. these deft folks got 90% accuracy or higher!
amy | nice!
Atani | /me cheers!
celiad | great job masters!
devonjones | woohoo!
maggielnb | way to go!
mamateresa | congrats!
kinryuu | congrats all!
devonjones | and last of this group, the accuracy grandmasters… they got 95% or higher! wow! and there sure are a lot of them, but i always take that as a sign that the more you play eyewire
devonjones | the better you get!
Iniquity_ | do we have grandmasters next
devonjones | congrats grandmasters!
celiad | such accuracy wow!
amy | how grand!
maggielnb | clapp clap clap!
devonjones | amazing
devonjones | obviously for all of this accuracy, special bonuses are deserved
maggielnb | obviously!
amy | /me salutes the contenders
devonjones | let the points raaaaaaain!
kinryuu | woohoo!
Iniquity_ | i have to go
amy | go snooooop
Iniquity_ | see ya
maggielnb | bye
celiad | see ya Iniquity_ !
devonjones | /me nudges the spammy pointsmobile
kinryuu | cya!
devonjones | toodles!
devonjones | ah that’s it
devonjones | great job!
devonjones | the next event we started after the accuracy HH, in any case, was the hunt!
devonjones | i thought this was a particularly great cell and set of mergers, what did you think?
maggielnb | seek and ye shall find.. maybe
celiad | everyone loves a good merger 😀
Atani | I heard it was challenging
twotwos | It was harder than I expected
devonjones | lol Atani :p
maggielnb | it was
devonjones | if it was it was your fault (and some others’)
devonjones | haha
kinryuu | lol
devonjones | good challenging though i think
Atani | Guilty as charged xD
devonjones | lol
devonjones | well, let’s give out the hunt badge first… this goes out to everyone who found at least one merger!
mamateresa | I didn’t have a chance to finish it, boo hoo
devonjones | yeaaahhh
celiad | congrats great hunting!
amy | alll hail the eyewirer hunterrrrrs
maggielnb | yay!!!
Atani | Wow all the talented hunters!
5.3decibels | y’all are flippin smart
devonjones | and of course we also need the bonuses for all the mergers you found!
kinryuu | way to go all!
maggielnb | ty
twotwos | Dang I’m talented now
mamateresa | HUrray for the Hunters!
devonjones | we’re still looking into why the points are going so slow
devonjones | but now you’re getting an exhaustive look at who did the best haha
celiad | sleepy points
amy | haha
devonjones | don’t forget the top 4 hunters are eligible to help prep the next cell!
Atani | /me pokes the points machine
devonjones | you can look forward to another hunt in june
devonjones | and on that note, we have to thank the folks who crafted this monstrosity
devonjones | thank you very much @susi @kinryuu and @Atani !
Atani | /me bows
maggielnb | thank you all!
amy | /me takes a sledge hammer to the chat server as kelv switches it to anther machine
kinryuu | our pleasure!
celiad | great job!
celiad | very hunty!
amy | thanks huntresses
devonjones | to you we bestow the Games Maker badge and now (a slightly increased!) 21900 points apiece, since you couldn’t play in the actual event
devonjones | (21900 = as if finding all the mergers the closest)
Atani | :O
kinryuu | Thanks! 🙂
devonjones | 😀
devonjones | ooh
celiad | woo nice!
Atani | Yay kin!
devonjones | all right, stand by folks, we’ll be right back after chris restarts the chat server to see about making those points come faster
devonjones | all right, did we all survive?
annkri | /me takes on a helm afraid for the sledge swinging amy
Chimichangas | im here!
gamid | I think so
kinryuu | Oh, that was an extrea treat, lol!
mamateresa | Hurray for the Game Makers!!!
maggielnb | me too
sorek.m | Huzzah!
devonjones | cool 😀
Iniquity_ | we’re doing awards?
Atani | Im here but work calls 🙁
celiad | okay great no one was thrown from the chat ship
amy | /me stacks the sledge hammer atop the pile of old crushed eyewire servers
devonjones | luckily if they were they would know all about the ocean life that surrounded them now
celiad | nooooooooo work :'(
devonjones | and in fact
devonjones | we had some definite marine smartypants online this week
Iniquity_ | promotions soon?
devonjones | did you like trivia?
devonjones | @Iniquity_ yep, those are coming after the awards finish! 🙂
Atani | I know, monkeys being all needy and stuff xD
Chimichangas | when will the awards be finishing?
Iniquity_ | i have to go again. 🙁
kinryuu | yes, the trivia was especially good this time!
celiad | those monkey always needing stuff
Atani | Always xD
devonjones | thanks kin! @Chimichangas ooh maybe in another 10 minutes or so
celiad | s*
devonjones | let’s recognize the three folks who got the highest trivia scores!
amy | /me drumrolls
devonjones | behold…!
devonjones | wooooo!
SpookyGrowly | whoa what
celiad | congrats well deserved!
maggielnb | yay for the top three!
kinryuu | Nice! congrats!
amy | 😀
SpookyGrowly | oh wow
celiad | oceanographers
devonjones | oh the things that you know!
devonjones | and oh the points you all earned
devonjones | here they come! (hopefully faster)
mamateresa | way to go, Smarty Pants Three!
SpookyGrowly | lol i’m doing a lab and watching at the same time so haven’t said much srry
amy | and hats off to our trivia creator, @djones!
devonjones | aw thanks XD
devonjones | all right this doesn’t seem to be going faster, oh well
kinryuu | yay devon!
devonjones | barnacles on the servers!
devonjones | avast
celiad | the great molasses flood of points
devonjones | wrong competition
devonjones | LOL
kinryuu | lol
devonjones | too soon celia
celiad | :'(
devonjones | a-ahem
devonjones | okay those are all the trivia points
devonjones | next… squid vs. octopus!
maggielnb | yes!
devonjones | a very inky battle
amy | it’s only been 100 years, we need to wait at least 200 before cracking sticky sweet jokes
devonjones | lol
celiad | you’re right, a moment of silence
devonjones | haha
devonjones | as for the VS… the squids triumphed!
amy | /me bows her head for the victims of the Boston molasses flood of 1919
celiad | congrats to squids!
maggielnb | go Squids!
mamateresa | yay!
devonjones | congratulations little calamari
kinryuu | congrats Squids!
devonjones | or big
kinryuu | yum!
devonjones | can’t discount really really really big squid
Chimichangas | squidward!
celiad | him too!
amy | Great gobs of cephalopods!
celiad | :O
devonjones | let’s give you all your badges and bonuses for that one!
devonjones | wheeeee
amy | /me cheers for the Squids! GO SQUIDS GO!
celiad | the competition machine is fast at least
devonjones | and eight pats on the back for the octopodes as well
maggielnb | whoo hoo!
celiad | great job!
devonjones | next… hm… what next… but of course! the marathon!
TheAtom417 | Hello I’m here
TheAtom417 | XD
celiad | hi!
devonjones | i got a big kick imagining all the little player markers in overview scuttling down a beach like baby turtles
amy | /me gathers round the turtles to prepare for a celebratory swim
SpookyGrowly | lol
devonjones | nice!
amy | OOOOO nice
kinryuu | congrats twotwos
devonjones | you guys definitely completed those cells fast!
celiad | i <3 baby sea turtles
devonjones | saaaame omg
celiad | congrats!
twotwos | This is a lot of achievements
mamateresa | Wow!
TheAtom417 | Sorry I haven’t been on that much as of late. I have been putting all of my time into a tech competition, and I haven’t been able to get on.
amy | that’s cool, we’re glad you’re here now!
TheAtom417 | Yeah, I am too! 😀
devonjones | 😀
devonjones | all right, well let’s award the badges for the marathon
devonjones | hang on to your shells!
celiad | what kind of tech competition?
TheAtom417 | Have you ever heard of TSA?
devonjones | excellent 😀
celiad | woo nice job marathoners!!
mamateresa | Woo hoo!!!
celiad | like at the airport?
twotwos | The people you have to go through before getting on planes?
celiad | lol
kinryuu | Congrats all!
TheAtom417 | lol no. XD
amy | the trans siberian academy?
TheAtom417 | Technology Student Association
maggielnb | congrats!!
celiad | okay good, not my fav tsa xD
TheAtom417 | haha
devonjones | here come marathon bonuses too!
devonjones | lots ‘n lots
amy | /me cheers for the marathoners who now reap their rewards
celiad | congrats marathoners!
devonjones | (double SC bonuses were included when the cells finished)
TheAtom417 | ‘S a shame I couldn’t take part in the event
celiad | yeah too bad, but the competition sounds cool!
TheAtom417 | Yeah, my team lost every event
TheAtom417 | XD
devonjones | aw
TheAtom417 | It was cool tho
amy | woo I got 3,500 points yayyaaa
celiad | well A for effort anyhow
devonjones | indeed!
mamateresa | ooooh, I feel so rich… POINTS!
amy | atani and annkri both got over 100,000 bonus points whoaaaaaa way to go guys!
devonjones | and everyone who earned an achievement in the undersea odyssey also gets one more special badge
devonjones | 😀
kinryuu | Nice!
maggielnb | oh?
devonjones | if you like sea turtles i think you’ll like this one…
amy | /me releases the sea turtles
devonjones | are you ready?
TheAtom417 | lol amy
amy | /me screams “BE FREE!”
TheAtom417 | woot
kinryuu | LOL!
kinryuu | Definitely words to live by!
mamateresa | oh cool!
celiad | congrats guys!
twotwos | Nice pun
TheAtom417 | Oh yeah I did a tiny bit of the ACC HH
celiad | (thank you)
kinryuu | Congrats Katherine!
devonjones | 😀
celiad | congrats!
amy | /me is so happy yayyy
devonjones | puntastic copy text thanks celia
maggielnb | Yay11
celiad | punz 4 dayz
amy | “Keep your friends close, and your anemones closer.”
devonjones | mwahaha
mamateresa | hahaha
devonjones | that concludes the awards portion of our afternoon, but naturally we are not done
devonjones | we have quite a few promotions to give out!
amy | I think celia could have a job writing snarky fortune cookies
amy | PROMOS!
TheAtom417 | /me is scared of @devonjones’s laugh
dragonturtle | /me escorts the baby turtles out to see
celiad | in my next life
amy | /me thanks DT
devonjones | 😀
minimalist | promos??
devonjones | yep
amy | /me is glad they are free to swim in the wide world, spreading love for Eyewire’s Undersea Odyssey
TheAtom417 | Yeah, for open promo
devonjones | first to promote, we’ve got a new mentor!
devonjones | drumroll please…
sorek.m | /me drumrolls
amy | /me puts her glasses on and drumrolls
maggielnb | druuuuummmmm
TheAtom417 | /me drumrolls?
amy | boom boom
minimalist | /me minimalist quietly puts hands together n whispers
devonjones | congrats @TheAtom417 !
TheAtom417 | 😀
amy | Way to go!
mamateresa | Congrats!
maggielnb | congrats theatom417!
kinryuu | Congrats TheAtom!
TheAtom417 | Thx!
celiad | congrats!
devonjones | enjoy your new powers!
minimalist | congrats!
SpookyGrowly | yay!
celiad | a great new mentor you shall be!
TheAtom417 | Thanks you all! 😀
minimalist | /me squeezes hands with the tension
devonjones | you are most welcome!
minimalist | mentor? wpw!
minimalist | wow!
devonjones | next we have another helping hand to promote
devonjones | one new mod!
devonjones | helping keep the chat a fun and friendly place
gamid | I know it’s bad timing, but can someone look if Cube #3443073 is a merger or if it really connects outside of the cube?
minimalist | rooty toot toot!
devonjones | congrats @SpookyGrowly !
SpookyGrowly | howdy!
TheAtom417 | Congrats!
devonjones | yaaaay!
kinryuu | Congrats Spooky!
celiad | congrats well deserved promo!
minimalist | yay spooky!
maggielnb | congrats Spooky
gamid | congrats!
amy | woo!
devonjones | a spooky, growly mod, but a nice one
mamateresa | way to go
SpookyGrowly | muahahaha
amy | /me presents a new chat hammer to SpookyGrowly
kinryuu | lol
SpookyGrowly | why, thank you
amy | @gamid I think it’s ok
minimalist | nice purple
devonjones | next… a bunch of new scouts!
devonjones | we are excited and clearly they are too
amy | it suits your spookier nature
amy | /me gets giddy for the new scouts
amy | /me jumps up and down
SpookyGrowly | yes i like this purple
TheAtom417 | /me tells amy to stop grimly
TheAtom417 | XD
maggielnb | suit you!
amy | /me screams SCOUTS SCOUTS SCOUTS!
devonjones | nine! nine new scouts!
devonjones | presenting…
TheAtom417 | wOAH
maggielnb | suits
kinryuu | wow
TheAtom417 | /me dies from new scots
devonjones | @sharksting @PieThrower @PugofTime @JegElskerSnoeskyving @Civet @Iniquity_ @Chimichangas @zespy @Braincrash !
amy | Nurro will be happy to meet his new scout friends
amy | /me lols
minimalist | /me slips Spooky the flyswatter she used to use on unruly middle schoolers
TheAtom417 | Congrats all!
celiad | congrats and welcome new class!
gamid | congrats!
kinryuu | Congrats all!
minimalist | Wow, yay new scouts!
maggielnb | congrats to all the new Scouts!!
SpookyGrowly | nice guys!
amy | /me pats the shiny baby scoutslets. We shall make Scythes of you yet, little ones.
mamateresa | Congrats, new scouts!!!
devonjones | round of applause!!
celiad | welcome welcome new scouts!
TheAtom417 | ugh I can’t trace cubes rn because I’m on a stupidly underpowered lenovo thinkpad
amy | yay scouts!
kinryuu | clap clap
TheAtom417 | Welcome scouts!
minimalist | Doing library research, huh?
devonjones | what comes after scouts? scythes! those who have accomplished enough that the grim reaper himself has given them the tool to fix mergers and missing segments themselves!
minimalist | /me taps Spooky’s shoulder, points at TheAtom
minimalist | That guy
SpookyGrowly | lol
devonjones | we’ve got 3 scythes to promote, 2 from open promo requests and 1 from sponsorship!
TheAtom417 | No, my regular laptop is dead, lol
amy | /me kneels to honor the new Scythes
TheAtom417 | /me is excited. Thats… Thats it.
minimalist | well, that’s OK, then
devonjones | give it up for these three acolytes of grim…
devonjones | congrats @cognaso @SpookyGrowly and @minimalist !
celiad | congrats!
TheAtom417 | Congrats!
kinryuu | Congrats!!!
celiad | welcome to your new class!
amy | bravo!!
maggielnb | congrats new Scythes!!!
minimalist | /me swoons!
gamid | Congrats!
mamateresa | Yay!!!!!
amy | /me lights some fireworks
devonjones | wheeee!
TheAtom417 | /me congratulates all of the children of the @GrimReaper
SpookyGrowly | woo!
celiad | great job! so many new colors!
minimalist | woooooooooooo!
devonjones | for minimalist’s promo, we must thank her sponsors!
minimalist | /me tests scythe blade on thumb, hisses, grabs band-aid
mamateresa | Look at you guys! This is so exciting!
devonjones | thank you alpha sponsor @susi and beta sponsors @hewhoamareismyself and @Atani !
amy | 🙂
TheAtom417 | Today has been very eventful. lol
amy | /me thanks the sponsors
minimalist | thank you, Atani and hewho!
celiad | congrats, thanks for sponsoring!
devonjones | @minimalist you’re welcome to join the training today but obviously let your sponsors know if you’d like extra help 🙂
devonjones | on that note, we have oooone more promotion!
devonjones | ~oooh~
minimalist | at five? see you then!
SpookyGrowly | mysterious
celiad | yep!
devonjones | something mysterious and one might even say mystical
minimalist | yessss?
kinryuu | gotta run, congrats all on a great undersea adventure!!
devonjones | who is our new mystic?
TheAtom417 | woah
devonjones | the latest to ascend
TheAtom417 | new mystic
devonjones | drumroll please…
celiad | later kinryuu!
sorek.m | /me drumrolls
minimalist | whoa
celiad | /me drumrolls
maggielnb | drrrrrrrrrr
TheAtom417 | /me drumrolls so hard he breaks the drum
minimalist | holding my breath
devonjones | congrats @Gruenewitwe !
TheAtom417 | Hooray!
SpookyGrowly | hoorah!
minimalist | YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!
maggielnb | congrats!!!
amy | A new magical mystic is in our midst
mamateresa | Nice!!!
gamid | Congrats!
twister2 | welcome to Mystics, Gruenewitwe!
amy | Congratulations!
celiad | congrats!
devonjones | /me throws confetti!
TheAtom417 | Congrats!
celiad | welcome to mystics!
devonjones | congrats!!
devonjones | i am so proud of everyone who took part in this week of events, and everyone who’s reaching the higher levels of gameplay
twister2 | and a huge congrats to everyone else on your awards and promotions!
TheAtom417 | ^^^
devonjones | thank you so much for joining us in the heart of the sea
maggielnb | yay!!!! it was fun!
mamateresa | Thanks for a fun week, Dev!
maggielnb | Thanks to you!
devonjones | 😀 thank you! and thank you also to daniela for the GORGEOUS gorgeous art
devonjones | my favorite so far
mamateresa | Yes the art was fantastic!
devonjones | if you are a scout or scythe, do stick around for @sorek.m to run the training at 5 PM (15 minutes from now)
celiad | great art indeed!
devonjones | you’ll also get a notification soon with a link to the full results sheet
mamateresa | I’d really like to sit in on that please!
minimalist | uh, what is Zoom?
sorek.m | and swag prize winners look out for a notification as well!
sorek.m | It’s a free video conferencing service
sorek.m | I’ll be posting a link soon so you can setup – very easy 🙂
mamateresa | M, can I attend the class? I have been gone awhile and need to learn again
sorek.m | yup
mamateresa | thx
sorek.m | anyone who wants a refresher!
mamateresa | ok
devonjones | 😀
devonjones | thanks again for dropping in, everyone!
devonjones | have a wonderful weekend!!