Eyewirer @KrzysztofKruk Tops 50 Million Points!

Eyewire, community, congratulations, KrzysztofKruk, 50 million pointsA multitude of congratulations to @KrzysztofKruk for soaring past 50 Million Points on Eyewire!

KrzysztofKruk has been rising to the top of the leaderboard since 2016 and has established himself as one of our most dedicated Mystic players. He has devoted his keen eye and sharp scythe to an impressive 1,281 zebrafish neurons. Wow!

When not playing cubes, KK has also made contributions to Eyewire by developing custom add-on scripts. He has released 6 add-on scripts that help Eyewirers to keep track of their stats and navigate tricky mergers! (You can read more about his add-on scripts here: https://blog.eyewire.org/big-feature-update-from-krzysztofkruk-for-scouts/)

With an astounding 309,059 cubes completed, KrzysztofKruk is the 5th member of the 50 Million Points Club.

From all of us at HQ, thank you for being such an awesome, active member of Eyewire and the neuroscience community! For Science!

eyewire, points, 50, million, KK, susi
Congrats poster for @KrzysztofKruk created by Eyewire player @susi