Big feature update from KrzysztofKruk for Scouts+

KrzysztofKruk has been hard at work building player-requested features into his addon scripts. Today we’re pleased to launch them Eyewire-wide! Here’s a list of the awesome new features which are available to Eyewirers ranked Scout or higher.


– Option for compacted Scout’s Log
– Regrow Seed and Remove Duplicates buttons addedregrow seed, eyewire
– Dataset borders
Shortcut (“G”) to inspect and exit a cube (turned off by defult)
– Option to separate rotation, positioning and zooming inside a cube and in overview
– Option for showing children’s IDs
– Possibility to move links between the Top Bar and the dropdown Menu
Profile Badges are displayed in a grid, not in a row (in a user Profile)
– various fixes

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SC History

– Completes are now counted whenever the SC History panel is opened (right click on your username to open)
– various fixes

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Profile History pizza button

– pizza button added
– various fixes

Custom Highlight

– Added shortcut for switching between selected colors (“T”) and an indicator on the V button, which shows, which color is currently selected
– various fixes


Brand new feature that will streamline your Scything! Colors reflect your personalized heatmap colors (available in settings). This feature displays info for your current cell.

– Shows duplicates, flags and scythe frozen cubes
– Shows cubes, which you can SC
– Shows cubes with weight lower than 3
– Shows cubes with weight lower than 3, which you (accidentally) SCed
– All infos are for the current cell
– Clicking on a square will change its color or border and move you to the corresponding cube
– Ctrl+click copies the ID of the cube to the clipboard
– Hovering over the sc-info tab shows number of already SCed cubes and number of cubes still available for SCing
– The main tab refreshes automatically (whenever the Scythe Vision heatmap is updated), others are refreshed each time a user clicks on the tab
– The main tab refreshes only, when the Scythe Vision heatmap is selected (which is probably the most common heatmap used by Scouts and Scythes)

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