Eyewirer @galarun Achieves 50 Million Pts!

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A Very Special Congrats to @galarun for reaching 50 million Eyewire points!

galarun has been untangling neurons since 2013 and has played 190,172 cubes (fun fact: he has trailblazed 40% of those cubes!). The 3rd player in Eyewire’s history to reach this score, galarun joins fellow players @Nseraf and @Atani in the 50 million Point Club on Eyewire.

Congrats again and thanks for being a great part of the Eyewire community, and for your impressive contribution to neuroscience. Cheers! For Science!

eyewire, points, 50, million, galarun, susi
Congratulations poster for @galarun created by Eyewire player @susi