July 26 is Kelv Appreciation Day!


Ah, Friday approaches. Do you have plans for the weekend? Eyewire developer Kelv will be taking a much needed break and heading out to a nice beach in Maine for– wait a second. Is there a haze in the air? Does anyone else smell smoke? 404s abound, servers on fire…Mayday mayday! Someone ping Kelv!

Help us celebrate the developer who never stops bringing Eyewire back from the abyss, the one and only Kelv. This day is also the 20th Annual International Systems Administrator Day, so spend some time thinking of all the devs who keep the websites you love going strong.

This special 24 hour event is brought to you by @galarun and features bonuses as follow:

  • 2x points for all players
  • 100,000 points for Top Player
  • Duration: Friday, July 26 for 24h (midnight Thurs – midnight Fri)

Let’s all raise a cheers for Kelv, for science!