Celebrate Summer with these Sweet Eyewire Events Created by @galarun

Daniela Gamba
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It’s National Cherry Pit Spitting day so you know what that means.. a sweet party in Eyewire! Thanks to galarun, the winner of the 1.776x Spectacular, there will be two additional summer celebratory days!

First, Saturday July 6: a 6% bonus to ALL PLAYERS and the top player … get ready .. it’s going to be BIG .. the top player will win a bonus of 12 points. This 24 hour battle will take place from midnight on July 6 and last 24 hours. You read that right, 12 points to the winner and a 6% multiplier for everyone.

Think these bonuses are the pits? The second event will *actually* be big, and it’s happening for 24h on July 26, overlapping with the Past vs Future Competition. Stay tuned for a special announcement closer to that day!