Tutorial: Starburst Neurons

EyeWire Tutorial

Rachel from Seung Lab navigates you through one of the trickiest parts of starburst amacrine cells: the blob.

Starburst amacrine cells have characteristic bloblike structures  that tend to have a couple nodes that end and one that continues on. These are notoriouly difficult to trace.  In the above tutorial, Rachel explains how to spot and map these branches. After this you’ll be ready to take on the Starburst Challenge.


  • Use the 3D cube to aid tracing within blurry boundaries
  • The outside of the cell should be smooth.  Jagged edges indicate places that should be filled in (AI mistakes)


  • Temporarily hide coloring by pressing and holding Shift
  • Undo coloring with right click
  • Move the 3D rendering cube by clicking and dragging cursor on the cube. Scroll to zoom in/out.


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