Eyewire Summer Games: The Marathon!

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Is the Chariots of Fire theme stuck in your head yet? It might be after we kick off our final event of Eyewire’s Summer Games: the Marathon. You probably know the drill by now, but just in case…

Bonuses for your participation:
Complete 20 cubes – 2,000 point bonus
Complete 50 cubes – 5,000 point bonus
Complete 150 cubes – 20,000 point bonus
Complete 300 cubes – 40,000 point bonus
For every 150 cubes above 300 cubes – 2,500 points

If the cell is completed as hoped within 24 hrs, mappers who:

  • Complete at least 50 cubes will win rights to vote on a new name for the Marathon Cell.
  • Complete at least 200 cubes will win rights to nominate a new name for the Marathon Cell.

We’ll launch the cell at 10:00 AM EDT on 8/24 and see if we can break our current record. Load up on carbs and get ready to run!

Artwork by Daniela Gamba

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