Skywire: Awards + Mr. G.R.’s Valentine

You’ve finally arrived at your destination in time to deliver your letter to its recipient.  However, as you are about to place it in a very strange looking mailbox, a strong gust of wind somehow cuts under the seal, and leaves the the note inside exposed.

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You are about to reseal the letter, but curiosity gets the best of you.  You glance left and right to make sure no one is watching, and then sneak a quick peek at the contents.  This is what it says:

My dearest Lucky Star,

You are wind beneath my cape, the socket of my eye, your beauty would take my breath away had I any breath.  My heart is forever entwined with yours.  We have a connection like no other, a bond that is beyond electric.  I will stand by your side for all eternity, protecting you from harm, and allowing our love to grow on every plane of this universe.  You are my one and only, my beloved, my ever luminescent Lucky Star.

Yours Forever Grimly,


Interesting indeed!  You wish you could wait nearby and catch a glimpse of the letter’s recipient, but time is of the essence!  Your boss at the Wiring Eye will surely be waiting for you.  You hop on your Skycycle, and up up and away you go.

Competition results:

Accuracy Happy Hour

Evil Cubes

Game Creators



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