#GeekWeek Brainiac Day is Here: Today is a 24h Challenge Day in EyeWire

We’re at the dawn of the third day of the Geek Week Games. In just 48 hours, 1,000 new players have joined who together completed over 16,570 cubes and finished a new starburst! On Sunday, @a5hm0r topped the leaderboard with over 86,552 points! @tek50 came in a close second with 72,278 points. Monday’s win went to @crazyman4865 with 26,142. And we hear today may be the biggest day yet..

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Tuesday is a 24 hour Challenge Day. Here’s what’s up for grabs. First, the player with the highest score wins his or her choice of item from the new EyeWire Swag Shop!

  • Score over 5,000 points for a +1,000 bonus
  • Score over 10,000 for a +5,000 bonus
  • Score over 20,000 for a +10,000 bonus
  • For every 10,000 you score above 20K you’ll earn an extra 2,500 points
  • Make it to 50K in a day and win a +20,000 bonus
  • Only one player in EyeWire history (@crazyman4865) has made it to 100K in a day without bonuses…if you can do it on a Challenge Day, you will win an extra 50,000 points (put that number in perspective: I work at EyeWire HQ and have a total of 40,000 points..like, ever)
Bonuses are non-cumulative.

Also join us this afternoon for a special event live on YouTube!

Tues, Aug 6 @ 2pm ET: Faking It: Hangout with Nobel Prize winning neuroscience lab to talk about the neuroscience of memory in honor of Geek Week Brainiac Day.


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