Geek Week Games Challenge Day: Round 2

Neurons mapped by gamers in eyewire, game to map the brain,

Congrats to the Winners from Today’s ‪#‎GeekWeek‬ Games 24 Hour Challenge!

29 Players won bonuses — as we wait for trailblazing points to roll in overnight, we’d like to congratulate all 361 players who participated! 89 players submitted over 25 non-tutorial cubes – you can see how your stats stack up here.

Together, the EyeWire community completed 8,039 cubes in the past 24h and over 40,700 cubes since the Geek Week Games began. You finished two new cells (and a new Geek Week Starburst #3 neuron is live!).

Congrats to @tek50 for winning today’s 24 Hour challenge and with it his choice of EyeWire Brain Swag!

tek50 wins geek week challenge day 2

Here are the Top 10 Players be Cubes:

top cubes eyewire geek week games

Two days remain in the Geek Week Games! Remember: you get to name all the neurons you complete this week!

Complete 50 cubes between Aug 4 and Aug 10 to earn a vote.

Complete 300 cubes with over 80% accuracy to win the right to nominate a neuron name.

In case you missed it, Sebastian co-authored an article on retinal connectomics that is currently on the cover of Nature!! Though EyeWire was not used in this paper, we are featured in Nature’s promo video. Check it out and we’ll see you online on!


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