#GeekWeek Gaming Day = 24 Hour Challenge

ForScience-Yellow-on-black EYEWIRE, For ScienceIt’s finally here. Geek Week Gaming Day.

Today, Thursday, Aug 8th, 2013, YouTube celebrates all things geeky and gamey. We’re pleased to invite all geeks to try their hands at EyeWire, a game to map the brain. Today you can win bonuses, glory and brain swag.

Participate in the first ever Geek Week Games by logging in on EyeWire.org and playing a Geek Week Neuron (n00b or Starburst for advanced players). The EyeWire community wins naming rights for all neurons completed by between Aug 4 and 10 during the Geek Week Games.

Submit 50 cubes on one of the Geek Week neurons to win a vote; submit 300 cube with over 80% accuracy to win the right to submit a neuron name.


24 Hour Challenge Days are basically extended happy hours (which are still in effect for Fri at 2 pm ET). The more you score, the bigger your bonus. The image below breaks down the brackets. The player with the highest score wins glory, a 15% point bonus and his or her choice of item from the EyeWire Swag Shop.

24h champions eyewire geek week games challenge day

Why should you play?

Just today, EyeWire was featured in a Nature News video about mapping the brain. Nature references EyeWire as an innovative approach to neuroscientific discovery — and one that anyone can participate in. Check it out then watch the Geek Week Games Trailer and explore some of the beautiful neurons that people like you have already discovered. Now it’s time to make history — we’ll see you online at eyewire.org!


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