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Reporting Bugs: Helpful Tips

Hi friends! We get a variety of bug reports from time to time at Eyewire.  When it comes to bugs more information …

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April Fools Happy Hour!

  Edit 7:41 pm: 13 hours later, Eyewire is back online! Since this first happy hour was lost in downtime, we’re throwing a …

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Daylight Savings starts at HQ

All righty, Eyewirers: spring hasn’t quite sprung for HQ, but the days are getting longer, and now they’re about to leap forward. …

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Addons: Player Scripts in Eyewire

  A few wonderful Eyewire players have created scripts that add features and improve Eyewire.  These scripts are so great that we’ve …

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5 Years of Eyewire

December 10th is Eyewire’s 5th birthday. Five years..I can hardly believe it! It seems like just yesterday that we were planning a launch and …

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Progress Update: New Tutorial

Hi players! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the cube log that will become the new Eyewire tutorial! Since this quest …