Scythe Complete: Lock at 1

scythe complete, lock at 1

Hi Scythes,

We recently sent out a survey asking Scythes a variety of questions about the future of Scythe Complete. One of those questions was: “Do you think cubes should be locked at 1 SC vote?” Based on your responses we will implement lock at 1.

1 Scythe Complete Locks Cubes from Play

Previously cubes would be “locked” aka made unplayable once 2 Scythes had completed them. Going forward it will only take 1 Scythe Complete to lock a cube from gameplay.

Since SCing often doesn’t happen until a cell is already in the “Scouts & Scythes Needed” section, we do not anticipate that this change will affect the number of cubes available for play.

No need to Log SC

Now that we’re locking at 1, there’s no need to ping another Scythe in the Scouts’ Log asking them for a 2nd Scythe Complete so that the cube will lock. These entries currently take up a large amount of space in the Scouts’ Log, which can hide other entries with higher urgency. A lot of them also do not get updated even when a 2nd Scythe has completed that cube. For these reasons, please do not apply “Scythe Complete” Scouts’ Log flag to any cube that only needs a 2nd SC vote. 

There is 1 exception to this rule. When the majority of cubes surrounding the cube in question have been double SCed AND the cube in question has been reaped, you may make an entry asking for a 2nd SC. This is because the SC color is hidden below the reaped color, and a Scythe doing Complete checks may not notice the cube needs a 2nd vote.

Cubes are complete at 2 SC votes

We still want each cube looked at independently by 2 Scythes before a cell is declared complete. A cell will only be looked at for a final check by an Admin once it has 100% or close to 100% 2 vote SC cubes.