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Welcome to the new and improved Scythe complete!  There are lots of new features to play around with, so take a minute to explore your shiny new toy.


The biggest change to the new Scythe complete is the voting system.

As you may recall, in the old scythe complete system, Scythe complete was to Admin complete as Scout flagging was to Scything.  A Scythe could “flag” a branch as complete, but they had to wait until an Admin had completed the branch before that branch was declared no longer playable.

The new Scythe complete system allows Scythes to “lock” a branch without Admin assistance!

It takes 2 Scythes to lock a cube.

+1 Scythe vote, +2 Scythe votes, +1 Admin vote

Here’s and example of a process that might happen when declaring a cube complete.

  1. Scythe #1 declares the cube complete.
  2. Scythe #2 declares the cube completeThe cube is now unplayable.
  3. Scythe #3 sees that the cube is only at weight 1, and has not finished growing.  She uncompletes it, and checks the players list to see who declared it complete.  She reprimands Scythes #1 and #2 for sloppy work.  The cube is once again playable.
  4. Later, an Admin comes by and sees that the cube has reached weight 3 and is complete.  The Admin declares the cube completeThe cube is no longer in play.

**Note: even when a cell is unplayable, it can still be flagged or scythed.

Here’s another example of what a branch would look like in various states of completion:


As you can see, the right section of the branch was declared complete by 1 Scythe, the middle section was declared complete by 2 Scythes, and the left section was declared complete by an Admin.

Scythe’s Toolbox

There have also been some UI changes too your tools.  Previously your Scythe tools were in the bottom menu, but now they are confined to their own separate box!

The Scythe toolbox can be toggled on or off using the Shift Key.  You can also click the “Box” Icon in the bottom right corner to toggle it on and off.  The toolbox can be moved around your screen using click+drag, so your tools placement is now customizable depending on your preference.

Now let’s take a look at your new tools:

scythe control panel UI EyeWire
You can toggle this toolbar on and off by hitting the “Shift” key

Toolbox – Left side

Let’s start by looking at the left side of the toolbar.  Here you have a bunch of new buttons.

  • H = Highlight.  This button will show the children or ancestors of the cube you have selected.
  • S = Show me me.  This button will show you all the cubes you have Scythe completed on your current cell.  You will see any cubes you’ve completed appear in bright fuchsia.
  • C = Complete.  This button will complete one or more cubes on your current cell.
  • U = Uncomplete.  This button will uncomplete one or more cubes on your current cell.
  • I = Inspect.  This button will bring you inside a cube so that you may inspect it.

**Hover over each button to see its full name and it’s keyboard short cut.

Now let’s look at the total functionality of the parent/children buttons.

completebuttonThis is the “Complete” button.  In the old interface you had two buttons — complete children, and complete ancestors.  Now there are 3 buttons placed in a cluster.  Let’s look at their functions.

  • Top Icon — Completes all children of your selected cube + completes your selected cube
  • Bottom Icon — Completes all parents of your selected cube + completes your selected cube
  • Square “C” — Completes your selected cube

If the cube you are on has not been completed by you, the “C” button will be highlighted in pink.  If it has already been completed by you, the “U” button (Uncomplete) will be highlighted instead.

**The Uncomplete button has the same functionality as the Complete button.  The Highlight button has parent and children functionality, but no single cube select function, hence the missing bounding box.

Toolbox – Right side

On the right side of the toolbox there is a bunch of data about your current selected cube.  Let’s go over the meaning of each item listed.

First, the cube data.


  • ID = The ID of the cube you have selected.
  • Weight = Weight of the cube.  Weight 3+ may be declared complete.
  • Children = Number of children the cube has.
  • Parents = Number of parents the cube has.
  • Votes = Number of players who have declared the cube complete.  **If it says 1,000,000/2 it means an admin has declared it complete.
  • Status = Whether the cube is active, frozen, or stashed.
  • Assignable = Whether a cube would be assigned in play.
  • Traces = Number of players who have played and submitted the cube.  This is not the same as weight.
  • Parent Task = ID of the cube’s parents.
  • Child Tasks = IDs of the children of the cube.

Click the “Players” button to see player data.

playerslistUnder this button you can find a list of all players who have manipulated the cube in some way.  Colors indicate what the player did to the cube.  They are listed in the following hierarchy:

  1. Purple = Declared complete.  Admins and Scythes appear in the same shade of purple.
  2. Red = Admin reaped.
  3. Orange = Scythe reaped.
  4. Yellow = Scout flagged.
  5. White = Played and submitted.

**If a player performs more than one type of cube manipulation, they will be listed multiple times.  For example, if the GrimReaper plays a cube, reaps that cube, and then declares that cube complete, you will see GrimReaper listed in purple, red, and white.


You can also choose to use keyboard hot keys instead of the toolbox buttons if you prefer.

EyeWire keyboard Shortcuts Image

You can hover over any button to see its hot key command.

Other Tools

Some information is still available in the bottom bar of your screen.

toolbarhighlightsHere you can see the cube ID, cube’s weight, number of Scythe Complete votes, parents, and children.

This menu is also interactive.  You can click on the parents and children to highlight them.  Green text indicates that those cubes are highlighted.  In this example, Cube 644946’s 12 parents are currently highlighted.

If the “Votes” text is light purple, that cube has enough votes to be considered complete, and is not available in regular play.

Low weight heat map

There’s a new heatmap!  The low weight heat map shows your where a cell is below weight 3.


  • Weight 0 = Red
  • Weight 1 = Light Blue
  • Weight 2 = Purple
  • Weight 3+ = Green

This heat map should be helpful when you are looking for branches to complete.  In general, you shouldn’t declare a branch complete until it has reached weight 3 or higher.


You will now be rewarded for all of your hard Scything work in the form of Completed Points!

bladesrusstatsHere is the new Stats interface.  As you can see, in addition to Points, Cubes, and Trailblazes you now receive points for Scything and Scythe completing!

This player has received 32 Scything points, and 8 Scythe Completed points.  These points are earned by the cube.  That means, for example, that if you Scythed 4 cubes, and Scythe completed 10 cubes, you would receive 4 Scythe points, and 10 Completed points.  These points are separate from your regular game play points.

You will only receive points once an Admin confirms that your cube is complete.  This means that an Admin must color over your cube with the dark Admin complete purple in order for you to receive a point.  Points are calculated at the end of every day (midnight ET).  If you want to see what time it is at HQ, just click on the “?” icon at the bottom right of your screen!

If an admin finds a cube marked complete which they determine is not complete, they will “Nuke” your cube.  The cube will return to its original turquoise color, and your points will be nothing more than a memory.

**At the moment there is no penalty for mismarking a cube, other than losing your undeserved point.  But don’t get sloppy!  If HQ finds that people are overzealous with completion, we may add a negative point bonus to any nuked cube.

Other interface improvements to make your life easier!


  • Click the arrows at the top of the “Start Playing” box and leaderboard to wisk them away and free your overview from its confinement
  • You now select cubes with a single click, rather than Shift+click
  • You can use middle click to rotate the cell in both the overview, and in-cube
  • Duplicate cubes are now blue to differentiate them from the “Highlight” color
  • Toggle the heatmap on/off under the “Settings” (gear) icon
  • Find out what time it is at HQ (Eastern Time) under the “?” icon
  • Selected cubes are no longer white, so you can see whether or not your currently selected cube has been flagged, Scythed, or completed
  • Right-click to deselect in-cube 3D

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