Swag Renewed for 2019-2020 Thanks to Susi!

Thank you susi, susi, eyewire, swag, nurro

Swag has become a hallmark of Eyewire competitions ever since KT first started sponsoring it in 2015. While I was on a trip in Switzerland in 2017, Eyewirer @susi hosted an Eyewirer meetup and dinner at her house, during which she generously offered to step in to continue swag with a gift to the lab.

I’m pleased to thank Susi again for her continued support of Eyewire swag with another gift that will enable us to give sweet brain merch to competition winners through 2019 and into 2020. Mugs, tees, stickers, and posters shall be yours, should you carry the cubes to victory in certain Eyewire events. Thank you susi!! For science!

Dinner at Susi’s, 2017 / From left: susi, amy, r3, kfay