The Eyewire Activity Tracker

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Clearly see your accuracy history and click to jump and review any recent cube you’ve played with Activity Tracker.



We’re honored to release an official feature based on an excellent player script from developer and all around great guy @KrzysztofKruk. The new Activity Tracker provides detailed gameplay stats and accuracy feedback through Review Mode, as well as unlocks Jump for all Eyewirers.

Eyewire, activity tracker, cubes, citizen science, UI, UX

The Activity Tracker manifests as a sequence of colored bars to the left of your username. It visualizes your cube-by-cube accuracy history. Green: Good. Bright Blue: Excellent. Red: Review. Each bar represents one cube. The default graph shows 10. You can extend it up to 60, the number of cubes that factor into your accuracy, in the Settings menu.

The chart is color-coded to visualize the state of each cube you’ve mapped.

Eyewire, activity tracker, cubes, citizen science, UI, UX, key, color key, accuracy, trailblaze, reap

A centered grey dot means you were the first player to ever play that cube; you are the TrailblazerRed, green, and light blue indicate accuracies. Red means low accuracy. If your Activity Tracker is red, it’s a good idea to review the cube to get feedback on your trace. Green means your accuracy is between 80 and 95%. Light blue indicates you are a master of the cube with an accuracy above 95%. Pat yourself on the back for those! Dark blue indicates that the cube was Reaped or Flagged, played by an expert Eyewirer rank Scout or above. Dark blue cubes have highly trustworthy accuracy.

Click to jump to the cube and see Review Mode with detailed visualization of your accuracy, now showing seed piece as well as segments you added correctly, incorrectly or missed. Make sure you finish the cube you’re working on before you click to jump as your current cube progress is reset upon jump. In Settings you can choose whether Eyewire jumps you to Review or Overview.

Eyewire, activity tracker, cubes, citizen science, UI, UX, key, color key, accuracy, trailblaze, reap, gif

Hover over the bar to reveal more data.

Accuracy is calculated as your submission compared with the submissions of other players whose accuracy is at least 80% over the past 60 cubes. Accuracies are not available for trailblazed cubes.

Trailblaze means you were the first person to do a cube.

Score shows number of points. Learn how points are calculated in Eyewire.

Scouts and above see My Reap option to differentiate between their own reaps/flags vs others.

Weight gives a general idea of how many players played the cube before you. Players with accuracy < 80% have weight of 0.1. When your accuracy climbs above 80 your weight jumps to 1. Scythes reap with a weight of 3. Admins reap with a weight of 1 million. Cubes with higher weight generally have more trustworthy accuracy. If your Activity Tracker shows a weight above 3 or is dark blue, indicating Reap, the accuracy is highly, well, accurate. If the weight is 1 or 2, accuracy may have errors as only 1 or 2 players will have seen the cube. Learn more about weight here.

Cube ID & Cell ID are the unique IDs of the cube and the cell to which it belongs, respectively.

Submitted shows how long ago you played the cube.

We hope these features help you by providing feedback on accuracy history, as well as making an easy way for all players to jump and review their cubes. This is a first generation UI and we expect there will be iterations at some point in the future. Give feedback that will help shape the future of Activity Tracker here. As always, we love to hear what you think in chat or via email to support at

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Once your accuracy consistently hovers around 90%, consider going for Scout. This rank unlocks a host of new features plus gives you the ability to flag cubes for review by Scythes. Players who excel at Scouthood can later become Scythes. Ready to be a Scout? Recruit fellow players to sponsor your promotion in chat or wait until a major competition in Eyewire (every even month) and request a promotion straight from HQ. Thanks for playing and we’ll see you online at

Other small changes in this release:

  • Review Mode now shows Seed piece in blue.
  • Reordered Settings Menu. The Default settings menu shows 5 items. We moved Music Volume, SFX Vol and Chat Volume to the collapsed menu. We’re planning to add Master Volume at the top. Activity Tracker (10-60) and Paint Color are now up top.
  • Reordered Help Menu. Moved Help (time at HQ, contact support, FAQ) and Take Screenshot to top.
  • In response to feedback from the second beta,  we darkened the Activity Tracker’s Reap blue and lightened + added more green to 95% accuracy light blue. Right Click to open in new tab.
  • Slightly updated some color hues. Reap button moves from #547ed9 to #5576be. Review Mode red changed from #ff4940 to #d04f4f, a range closer to Activity Tracker. We decreased saturation by 25% of Review Mode’s yellow and based Seed blue on Reap blue.

For science!