New Feature: Cube Review

Finally you can get feedback on your cubes! Select Review following submission to compare your trace with other accurate players who did the same cube. The Review button will highlight when your accuracy is below 80%, helping you know when a cube is worth double checking. The final consensus against which your accuracy is calculated includes your submission, as long as you are above the trailblazing accuracy threshold.

A message for Scouts, Scythes, and Mystics:

Inspired by stunning sunsets and the beautiful idea that gamers are transforming neuroscience, we updated the heatmap colors to make cell features easily distinguishable, especially for Complete 1 and 2. Hopefully you also find the scythe vision neuron to be more gorgeous overall.

A few labels have been updated for clarity: Reaped is now Admin; Scythed is now Scythe; and Review is now Scout.

A big new feature that will aid reaping is coming soon! Stay tuned and thanks for playing!