Announcing Player-Sponsored Promotions!

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Are you a hardworking player who is ready to evolve into a super Eyewirer? Tired of waiting around for HQ to help get you where you need to be?

Now you don’t have to! With player sponsorship, your fellow players can sponsor your promotion to a ranked player class, unlocking new gameplay and dazzling interfaces.

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A Scout Flags a Cube



  • Played 500 cubes
  • Won 50,000 points
  • Maintain at least 90% accuracy ( we have a little flexibility for those hovering close to 90)

How is gameplay different for Scouts? 

Scouts play directly in overview to Flag cubes with mistakes that need attention from Scythes. Scouts gain the ability to jump to any cube on command, as well as unlock new heatmaps, a Scythe control panel and the Scouts Log, the in-game coordination hub for all ranked players built by Eyewirer @eldendaf.


  • Active Scout
  • Maintain at least 90% accuracy

How is gameplay different for Scythes? 

Scythes are like Scouts but more powerful. In addition to all Scout tools, Scythes can directly edit any cell from overview, removing mergers and extending stuck branches. This is called Reaping.

Scythes are also eligible to play in Fort Scythe, a Scythe-only zone where there is no regular gameplay, only reaping. Scythes are the only players who qualify for Mystic.

Scouts and Scythes:

How to Promote a Fellow Player:

  1. If you are a Scout or Scythe, please access the Promotions Request sheet via the “Promotions” link in the hamburger menu located to the upper right on Eyewire.
  2. Follow the instructions on the first page of the spreadsheet.
  3. Enter the information for
    1. the player you wish to sponsor (username, accuracy, points, and cube count)
    2. your own profile (your username and rank, comments optional)
  4. Decide if you want to be the Primary Sponsor for this player. Primary Sponsors will help to train and mentor their sponsored player to become the best Scout/Scythe/Mentor they can be!
  5. Rally your fellow players to help sponsor your player. A player requires three sponsors to be promoted, so you must get other Scouts/Scythes/Mentors to help finalize your sponsorship.
  6. HQ will review and approve all sponsored players every Friday at 4 PM ET, directly following Happy Hour.

Note: Only Scouts and Scythes may sponsor players for Scout promotion, and only Scythes may sponsor players for Scythe promotion. Mentors may sponsor players for Mentor promotion. Moderator promotions will continue on a cyclical HQ-awarded basis.

Players who wish to be promoted are welcome to recruit Scouts and Scythes to promote them. Your sponsors are the only ones allowed to edit the promotions sheet — that means don’t add your own name to sponsor yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Sponsor your favorite new Scout, Scythe, or Mentor today!

Also, regular players, if you’d like to be promoted, please make your voice heard in chat, we’d love to have you!

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