Upgrades to Eyewire’s points system!

pointsbadgesGreetings Eyewirers!

We’ve made some adjustments to our points system to improve game play and the rewards you receive for mapping cells!

Here’s what’s new:

  • Your score is now a more balanced combination of effort, volume, and accuracy.
    • Effort: how much time and energy you put into the cube.  Your effort is calculated based on the number of segments you added to the cube and also considers your time spent in the cube.  Your effort score will be somewhere between 0 and 25 on Level 1 cells.
    • Volume: total volume of correctly added segments.  Bigger cubes will return a higher score.
    • Accuracy: f-score.  F-scores will now be a larger part of your overall score in order to put the most weight on accuracy rather than volume.
  • Continuous bad tracing now returns a higher penalty.
    • With every consecutive bad trace your score will become lower and lower, until you submit better traces.  Don’t worry: this only impacts players who submit purposefully incomplete traces. Try your best and you will be rewarded.  Even new players shouldn’t notice a difference in their score so long as they are making an effort.
  • Trailblaze bonuses are now 25 for Level 1 and 50 for Level 2.
    • We still want to reward you for submitting a TB cube, but we also want to make sure that accurate TB traces are given a higher incentive than submitting empty TBs.

Some things to consider:

  • You may still get the occasional low-points cube, even when you have correctly traced a branch.
    • Our system is consensus based — meaning that if no one agrees on the trace, everyone will suffer, even if one player traced the cube correctly. That said, we are always trying to improve our consensus system so that it is as fair as possible.
  • The new system gets rid of the 20/40 system for cubes with bad consensuses.
    • Your score is now more nuanced, so every cube traced where the players do not agree no longer gets a hard score of 20/40 points.  This may make it more difficult for Scouts and Scythes to sniff out bad cubes.
  • There will be fewer thousand+ point cubes, but more 200-400 point cubes.
    • The new system fixes some bugs from the old points system that threw in big multipliers on some tasks.  The new system is more accurate, but that accuracy means you will see fewer giant numbers when completing your cubes.
    • Instead, you will see more cubes in the 200-440 point range.
    • Your new average score will be similar to your old average score, but you will receive inherently better point rewards for more accurate traces.

We hope you enjoy the new points system, which was developed by nkem!  It should make for a more fair and accurate playing experience for everyone!

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