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New Feature: Cube Review

Finally you can get feedback on your cubes! Select Review following submission to compare your trace with other accurate players who did …

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Mystic Q&A: Science and Gameplay

On June 30, 2017, Eyewire launches the Mystic Expansion. For the first time, we’ll map a new dataset! Curious why? Check out the Q&A …

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Candyworld: Taffybot Trivia

Now you’re covered in chocolate and your teeth are killing you… Candyworld was supposed to be a magical dreamland, right? Perhaps your …

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Announcing Neo

  Today was an awesome day! Eyewire was chosen to host a demo at The White House Frontiers Conference chaired by President …

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3D Magic Mode

You are cordially invited to beta test a new experimental feature in Eyewire 3D: Magic Mode. Magic Mode allows you to interact directly …