Eyewire Cup Quarterfinals

The Quarterfinals are upon us and 8 spectacular teams have earned their spot to compete!

Congratulations to the advancing countries:

  1. Antarctica
  2. United States
  3. Hungary
  4. Madagascar
  5. Poland
  6. Switzerland
  7. Egypt
  8. Canada

soccer, football, competition, neuroscience, eyewire cup, world cup, eyewire world cup

soccer, football, competition, neuroscience


You have some important choices to make now, so take a moment before you make your next move.

Joining a team for the Quarterfinals opens Monday at noon.

The Four Quarterfinal Matches:

  • #1 Antarctica vs #8 Canada
  • #2 United States vs #7 Egypt
  • #3 Hungary vs #6 Switzerland
  • #4 Madagascar vs #5 Poland

As we go into the Quarterfinals you may choose any team you like to compete for.  You can stick with your team from the Qualifiers or you can choose a new team if you aren’t feeling your qualifying team any longer.

Make a smart choice!  If you stay on the same team from the Quarters to the Final, and your team wins, you will take home the Original Team Member badge!  Pretty cool!  You’ll also be required to stick with the same team until your team gets disqualified, so make sure you’re ready to commit to whichever team you choose.

**From here forward your profile country flag will no longer be an indicator of which team you belong to.  You can keep your team flag or switch to another flag, but it will have no bearing on your team affiliation or team score.**

soccer, football, competition, fun

Choose a team by going into the notifications and opening the “Eyewire Cup Quarterfinals” notification.

During the Quarterfinals:

  • 8 teams total will compete
  • Your team will be matched against another team based on Qualifier Round rankings
  • The competition will last 48 hours – Tuesday, July 3 at noon ET – Thursday, July 5, at noon ET
  • All teams will compete during the same 48 hours
  • The starting lineup will consist of the 3 best players on each team
  • The points earned by the starting lineup on each team will be weighted at 2x the rest of the team
  • The starting lineup on each team will earn a 2x multiplier
  • All other players on each team will earn a 1.5x multiplier
  • The players on the winning team in each match will earn an additional 10,000 points
  • The MVP will earn an additional 5000 points

Badges you can win this round:

  • Top player overall – MVP badge
  • Top 3 Players on your team – Starting Lineup badge
  • Everyone on the Winning Team – Winning Team badge