Eyewire Cup Qualifiers

The Eyewire Cup will kick off tomorrow with a week of qualifiers for the 8 coveted spots in the Cup.

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During the Qualifiers you’ll play for a country of your choice! We’ll know which country you’re playing for based on the flag you use in your profile. You can choose whatever country you like!  You can play for your home country, your favorite World Cup country, or even just a country you like the shape of.

To change your country flag go to your profile > settings > select your country. 

Your points earned during the Qualifiers will go towards the country you were on when you earned them.  If you switch teams midway through the Qualifiers your points earned previously will not transfer to your new country.  If you earn a bonus for being in the top 8 teams, it will only go towards the team you were on at the END of the Qualifiers. This goes for the MVP badge as well. We recommend that you stick with one team for the duration of the Qualifiers as splitting your time between teams will dilute the number of points you earn for each team.  It’s also better for team morale to stick with your chosen team until the end!

The Qualifiers will run from Monday June 25th at 12 pm ET, to Sunday July 1st at 12 pm ET.  Everyone who joins the Eyewire Cup during this period will earn 1.25x their score for the entire week!!  If your country makes it to the next round we’ll give anyone who earned points towards it a 5000 point bonus, and the MVP of each of those countries will get an additional 2500 points.

May the best teams win!