Oreliel’s Eyewire Art

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Neuron art by Eyewirer Oreliel

Eyewirer Oreliel recently shared two beautiful neuron art pieces she created. We caught up with her to learn a little more about her inspiration and process.

What inspired you to make this neuron art?

Process image // Oreliel
My main inspiration for the fanart is the main overview in Eyewire, particularly scythe vision. All the colours are very pleasing.
Daniela was happy to hear that as she picked the heatmap color palette. How did you make these art pieces?
I do them purely on computer using an art program and start by painting purely using grayscale (blacks and whites).  I do this so when I start applying colour, any shadows and highlights get picked up so everything “pops” nicely.
Here’s a black and white version of what I did prior to colouring one of my drawings.
Oreliel Neuron Art
The art is now printed out and hanging at HQ. I love seeing these creations from the Eyewire community. For science!