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Grim’s Haunted Carnival

Season’s greetings, Eyewirers! The Halloween season, that is. It’s our beloved Grim Reaper’s favorite month. Last year, as you may recall, he …

cortex, cortical column, volume, brain, neuroscience, chandelier cell, connectome, connectomics, pyramidal cells, inhibitory neuron, axon hillock, neural circuit

Sparkling Chandeliers of Cortex

What’s in a brain? So many cells; such great variety! When it comes to neurons, they can be broadly categorized as either …

graphite, sand, neuron, fine art, bronze casting, aluminum casting, foundry, aluminum, fine art, sci art, sciart

Aluminum Casting a Neuron

When you spend your days and nights looking at the beautifully intricate branches of neurons, sometimes it’s nice to take a break …