Wizard Lizard vs Escape Goat

It’s time for some animal maaaaagic!  But which kind of magic would you rather have?  Actual wizardry obviously has its perks, but it could be argued that the slight-of-hand and daring escapes of the magician are even more skillful and impressive!  Pick your team and let the battle begin!

Wizard Lizard


Surprised by the magic of these wizarding lizards?  You shouldn’t be!  Just check out this color-changing chameleon and remember that magic is alive, well, and 100% all natural.

Escape Goat


No animal embodies the daring feats of a magician’s escape tricks like the goat.  Mountain goats don’t even need to rely on illusion to get themsleves out of a jam.  Watch these mountain goat scale nearly flat vertical surfaces and behold the wonders of the animal kingdom!  Those weird rectangular pupils still creep us out a little bit though….

This magical competition begins at 11:00 AM EST on 4/6 and goes for 24 hours!

The usual bonuses
Earn 5,000 points – 2,500 bonus
Earn 15,000 points – 5,000 bonus
Earn 25,000 points – 10,000 bonus
For every 25,000 points above 25,000 – 5,000 bonus
Member of winning team (if you’ve scored at least 2,500 points) – 10,000 bonus
Highest scorer on each team – 5,000 bonus
Player with #1 overall score – 10,000 bonus
Player with #2 overall score – 5,000 bonus
Player with #3 overall score – 2,500 bonus

Artwork by Grace Emmet

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