Whodunnit? Searching for answers

It’s almost time for this month’s competition to be over, and we are getting even closer to a solution to the mysterious disappearance of our beloved Grim.


A few of our players have made their suspicions known!  As we piece the puzzle together, things are becoming clearer, and then a bit more fuzzy, and then even clearer than ever before!  Here are some theories sent to the National Enqeyewirer by our players.  What do YOU think?

“Devon did hint about grim’s disapperance before everyone else knew about it” – annkri

Does devonjones know something the rest of us don’t? How suspicious!

“As explained in Forum, Grim might get a bit less grimmy or is just in love at the moment – no time anymore for EW. Or – and that’s more plausible – he is still here, just hides for a while in pixels and cubes, to later the more put the wind up!” – susi

Have passions of the heart suceeded Grim’s love of Eyewire? One never knows!

“I think grim is behind all the clowns scaring people around the world. He’s taken the halloween celebration a bit to serious this year, do anyone at HQ miss their costume?” – annkri

Could Grim be transforming into the only creature more terrifying than he is??

“There was a nothing to add seed cube in 1/2 sets in Evil Cubes, should Grimmy have been around he’d have never allowed such a blasphemy to his delicious evil cubes. Evil Cubes must be true, unadulterated manifest evil not some nothing to add seed anyone out of the tutorials can get 100% on, thus rprentki made sure Grim was otherwise indisposed so she could play tricks on his minions and Evil Cubes.” – Nseraf

Did rprentki play tricks on the Eyewire community while Grim was mysteriously “indisposed”?

“I think the ‘1234567890KOHCMSRTNA’ message decrypts to ‘subjection.'” – Talifan

Hmmm, what could this clue mean?

“Found grim lurking in NEO, 0,09 in to vid.  I think Amy wished to impress the president when advertising the new game.” – annkri

Could Amy have stolen Grim away to help promote Neo?

“Maybe Grim was scything a cube and somehow got stuck inside. We may have to go rescue him. We will also forget this ever happened because he would be VERY embarrassed. Going missing that way would be quite undignified for someone of his caliber.” – 1ong1ashes

Was Grim’s disappearance simply an accident?

“A not so evil cube has an ID with two 5s, that means two Ms.  I think it was sorek.m.” – annkri  

Could sorek.m have something to do with Grim’s disappearance?

“Went into cube, found misalignment-mark and scythe, and twister completed – very suspicious…. http://i.imgur.com/AShyP49.jpg.” – susi

Did twister2 want Grim gone from Eyewire?

“At the moment I believe that grim just wanted a little vacation and is taking it easy in a lovely remote location. I have a very hard time believing one of our golden ones would or could do anything to harm Grim.” – Atani

Is Grim simply having a little fun in the sun?

“‘Thomas Hone Further’ unscrambles to spell ‘The Fourth Horseman.’  The fourth horseman of the apocalypse in the Bible is Death, so I think he staged his own disappearance.” – tiikerikani

Did Grim stage his own kidnapping?

“I analyzed the skull that was on the scythe that was stuck in the side of the evil cube http://imgur.com/a/0qcZC My conclusion is that the skull is not from this world/dimension.  The presence of the inter dimensional scythe still points to the idea that Grim is on vacation. My suspicion is that he left his cousin Daryl (b/c doesn’t everyone have a cousin Daryl?) to watch over the cubes while he was gone. Unfortunately Daryl isn’t used to the gravity of our dimension and left his scythe behind while attempting to navigate the cubes.” – Atani

Did Grim leave his clumsy cousin Daryl to watch over Eyewire while he took a break?

“Grim realized he was maxed out on vacation and decided to investigate the aggregation of tens of thousands of screaming humans in the Midwest. he sneaked out of Boston to attend the historic World Series. Had to leave the scythe behind because he can’t get into a ballpark with it. Oh, is this related to any of your clues?–nope. It’s late and I can’t even count my cube total accurately.” – LynneC

Did Major League Baseball have something to do with Grim’s disappearance?  We wouldn’t doubt it!

“Thomas Hone Further is an anagram for ‘the fourth horseman’ which is said to be representative of death, ie. the grim reaper. I still think grim is either on vacation, or maybe want’s to experience EW from a players perspective.” – Atani

Did Grim want to walk in a player’s shoes for a day?

“There was 1 normal cube added ‘by mistake’ among the evil cubes. I believe one of the 2 who selected the evil cubes are involved!” – Omoshne

Have the creators of Evil Cubes become evil by proxy?

“‘Thomas Hone Further’ clearly stands for ‘Another fresh mouth’ or ‘Hamster Hoof Hunter’.  The developers.  Probably erased GrimReaper on accident… Or reset the password. Happens…” – nkem

Did the developers accidentally erase Grim from the database and are now trying to cover their tracks?

Thank you for all your input on the mysterious disappearance of Grim.  We may be able to crack this case in time for the Awards Ceremony.  Stay tuned!

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