Whodunnit? Culprit revealed!

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Thanks to our attentive Eyewirers, we’ve managed to suss out the Grim’s kidnapper is none other than….. Grim himself!  Thanks to our tipsters Atani and tiikerikani for helping to solve the case.

Now only one question remains — why would Grim stage his own kidnapping?  But never fear dear Eyewirers, the National Enqeyewirer has managed to get this exclusive interview with the Reaper himself!  All will be revealed as you read on below!

National Enqeyewirer: Good evening Mr. Reaper

GrimReaper: Evening.

NE: Brrr, rather chilly in here don’t you think?

GR: Seems perfectly temperate to me.

NE: Well anyway, the people are dying to know!  Why would the GrimReaper himself stage his own kidnapping!  Money? Fame? Dramatics??

GR: I did not stage my own kidnapping.  I simply took my leave for my annual October vacation.

NE: Annual vacation?  Why is this the first we’re hearing of it then?

GR: Yes.  Every October I take a short break from Eyewire to go visit many of my ghoulish friends and fiends who awaken from their yearly slumber to face the Harvest Moon.  Usually I slip out undetected for a few days, and then resume my position at Eyewire a few days later, well rested and ready to reap some cubes.  Unfortunately, it seems your sensationalist magazine has set chaos upon the Eyewire community.

NE: We’re simply doing our journalistic duty!  The people have a right to know!  And, if you truly WERE just taking a vacation, perhaps you can explain these mysterious clues to us!

First, we have this picture of your scythe.  The GrimReaper without his scythe?  Surely you wouldn’t leave it unattended!

GR:  Unfortunately the TSA has some pretty strict rules that even the GrimReaper must abide by.  Also, I like to separate work and play so a few days without my scythe can be a bit refreshing.

NE:  Hmm okay well that makes sense I suppose.  But!  What about this mysterious message found in Evil Cubes!  “Hammock.”  What could that mean??

GR:  Hammocks are very relaxing and travel-friendly.

NE:  That’s true.  But what about this mysterious clue left in the trivia questions.  “Hawaiian shirt.”  Doesn’t seem like a staple of Grim’s wardrobe to me.  Are you trying to cover up for some poor Eyewire tourist with bad fashion taste?

GR:  Just makes it easier to blend in when I’m away from the job.  Otherwise the paparazzi would be all over me all the time.  You know how that is.

NE:  Well what about this strange ID.  “Thomas Hone Further.”  Is this shady character a friend of yours?

GR: Oh you found my ID.  I had a quite a time trying to get past security without that thing.  But in the end I managed to… convince them to let me through.  The alias helps me keep my anonymity, otherwise things tend to get a little crazy.  Guess I’ll have to come up with a new one now….

NE: Huh.  Well, it does seem that everything checks out.

GR: Yes, yes it does.  Perhaps next time you’ll try fact checking before you start along another wild goose chase.  Next time I may not leave my scythe unattended you know.

NE: Heh heh, yes fact checking, that’s very responsible and not boring at all.  Well thank you Grim for clearing up this case for us.  We’ll surely be glad to see you back patrolling the cells of Eyewire!

GR: Patrolling I will be indeed.

Well there you have it!  From the Reaper himself!  This case is closed, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more suspicious activity lurking around the Eyewire universe.

In the next issue of the National Enqeyewirer:  Do Admins have ancient Mole People DNA? Is OMCS going viral? Literally?

Get the inside scoop, only at the National Enqeyewirer! “You heard it here first!”

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