Weekly EyeWire Update (3/5/2014)

Congrats to @a5hm0r, top player of the week with 291,979 points! EyeWirer @gartral came in first place for the week with 1,407 cubes!

This week, the EyeWire Community completed 28,364 cubes. Together you scored 5,507,401 points.

We welcomed 1,263 new players to the EyeWire community. Players participated from 41 countries.

eyewire brain autodesk virtual reality tour screenshot, eyewire, neurons

This Week at HQ

EyeWire HQ is preparing a few cool projects. One of them is a virtual reality experience for use with Oculus Rift in partnership with Microsoft Research. This exhibit will debut in the social space at TED 2014 in Vancouver, BC.

We’ve paused all new feature deployment to focus on site stability and bug fixes. For example, the forum and wiki will be back online soon!

The gamemasters thank you for you participation in and enthusiasm for the EyeWire Winter Games. We’ve listened to your feedback and are working to incorporate your suggestions into our long term plan. Stay tuned soon for a hangout on air with Sebastian Seung to discuss the future of EyeWire.

We’ll see you online at EyeWire.org

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