The GrimReaper has an Announcement

The GrimReaper is pleased.

For the past month certain players have been providing me with the coordinates of mergers. These coordinates allow me to more swiftly excise them with my scythe.

Mergers are a bane, they incite my wrath. And they mess up the science.

Something must be done.

I have put a bounty on these dreadful mergers, 1000 points each.

You may choose to hunt mergers alone, or to do so in teams and thus share the glory and points. Only mergers found in the overview are eligible for the reward. Small mergers found in cubes do not.

How does one find a merger you ask? Look in the overview of a cell—do you see a branch behaiving strangely, going the wrong way, perhaps a second cell body? Something is amiss, a merger has been made somewhere.

Now you must attempt to find where the merger started. Look for contact points between the bad branch and the cell. Sometimes there are many of these—one will be the start point of the merger. You can move the cell around in the overview by right click+drag. To center on a specific point in the overview alt+click. When you think you have found the start of the merger type /debug into the chat consol. This will tell you the coordinates of what you are centered on (the more zoomed in you are the more accurate the coordinates).

Once you’ve found a merger send an email with the coordinates and name of the cell to with the subject line Merger Report. It’s first come first serve for the bounty.

Happy Hunting,


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