EyeWire’s Black Weekend

creeper grimreaper, eyewire

Welcome to the darkness.  And by that I mean welcome to EyeWire’s Black Weekend.  So much better than Black Friday.

For Shame!

You were shopping when you could have been tracing the double cells in EyeWire.

Double cells you say?

It’s better than that two for one sweater deal you got at the mall.

Mystery 20 and Firefly (look for it down under the completed cells list) have been turned into double cells.  You’ll get to trace two cells at once.  Why?  Double the challenge, double the science, double the points.  That’s right.  Score over 10,000 points between now and  the end of the Black Weekend and I will double whatever points you have scored.

And when does the Black Weekend end?  That’s for me to know, and you all to find out.


P.S. Mergers may still be reported and bounties collected; but those who report the double cell as a merger shall face my wrath.

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