The Hunt Begins Aug 27 at Noon

Hunt for mergers EyeWire

The hunt for mergers is on, are you up for the challenge?

We want to give everyone the chance to feel the glory of unearthing those dastardly creatures known as mergers (boo! hiss! grumble grumble…)

So we’ve taken a cell, added some mergers and are unleashing our players for THE HUNT!

Now I will let my faithful Minion Lyndsey explain the lesser points of the competition.


We’ve added a special cell with mergers — prove your skill by finding them and reporting their coordinates to @nkem_test.

The points

Each merger you find is worth 1000 points.  There is no limit to the number of times a merger can be found by different players.

The person who is closest to the start point of each merger will receive an additional 1,500 points for that particular merger.  If a player finds all 10 mergers they will receive an additional 5,000 points.

There is no reward or penalty for being the first or last to report a merger.  Since mergers are  being reported via private message everyone has an opportunity to find and get points for every merger.  Do not share coordinates, or face the wrath of the Reaper.

How to participate

Check the current competition schedule to see when/if a Hunt cell is set to be released.  Make sure to check the end time for each Hunt as they will only be live for 1-2 days depending on the cell.

Each player has 30 guesses to private message nkem_test with the the coordinates of the start point each of the mergers.  Again, you earn +1,000 points for each correct merger snipe. The coordinates must be within 250 voxels (which is about the size of one cube) to be accepted as the start point.

See the highlighted cube?  That cube is 256 voxels wide.  An example of how close your coordinates must be to the merger to be counted. Basically, zoom in a lot from overview.

cube size in eyewire 256 voxels

See an example below of correct  private message formatting.

private message nkem bot

To be able to participate in this challenge you will need to know how to navigate the overview.  Review the GrimReaper’s Announcement for a refresher on how to find coordinates and spot mergers (type /debug into chat to get coords).  The computer will give you the coordinates for the center of your window.  To make the coordinates as accurate as possible is important to be centered on the start point and as zoomed in as possible to make your coordinates.


  • To rotate the cell click+drag. Use this to change the orientation at which you are viewing the cell.  In other words use this to turn the cell body away from you, turn the cell on its side, etc.  Certain mergers may be easier to spot when the cell facing a different way.
  • To move the cell right-click+drag.
  • To zoom in and out scroll in and out.  The more zoomed in you are on a point when obtaining the coordinates the more accurate those coordinates will be.
  • To center on an area in the overview ctrl+alt+click on that point – the cell will center on where you clicked but it will not zoom in or out automatically.

Okay, so you’ve moved around the cell and you’ve centered and zoomed in on what you think is the start point to the merger, now you need to find out what the coordinates for that point are and report them to nkem_test in a private message.

To find the coordinates to a point type /debug into the chat window.  The coordinates are the numbers following the word “Center:”

To private message nkem_test type /msg nkem_test into the chat window.

There are 2 ways to report the coordinates, with the angle brackets “<>” or without.  So you can either type /msg nkem_test 5000 5000 5000 or /msg nkem_test <5000 5000 5000>

Nkem_test will tell you if you are correct and how many guesses you have remaining.

Important information about The Hunt Cell

In some cases the cell’s cell body may be missing.  Cells like these may appear to have mergers/broken branches that are actually fine.  Here is an image of an example case.  Despite being disconnected, all of the branches inside the red circle belong.  The branches in the circle would all connect to the cell body within the circle if the cell body were there.

 circLed cell body eyewire the hunt challenge

A special thanks 

We here at HQ would like to extend a special thanks to @nkem for the work he’s done with us on making this challenge a reality.  Thanks @nkem!