Team Facebook Wins The EyeWire Games!

Team Facebook Wins The EyeWIre Games

Congratulations to Team Facebook, Winner of The EyeWire Games!

This epic showdown was a fight to the finish as you’ll see in the stats below. Players broke all EyeWire records! We’d like to congratulate all players who participated. Your valiant neural mapping efforts have catapulted science — we couldn’t do it without you!

Over 12,000 new players joined EyeWire since the games began, bringing our community up to over 38,000 people! During The EyeWire Games, people spent almost a full year — 344 days — playing EyeWire.  6 terabytes of data were delivered (3.7 T to North America, 2 T to Europe, .3 T to the rest of the world).

Roughly 20% of all work ever done in EyeWire was completed in the past 7 days. Extraordinary!

By the numbers:

Team Facebook’s players submitted 19,900 validations and spent 3,496,000 seconds (971 hours) in active gameplay to achieve their count of 1,830 cubes. This means about 10 people traced each cube in order for the system to accept it as accurately traced (learn about how that process works).

The highly accurate Team X, on the other hand, submitted 9,809 validations in 1,593,000  seconds (384 hours) for their 1,540 cubes, meaning only 6 people had to map the same cube. Reddit comes in 3rd with 7,606 validations over 1,383,000 seconds (442 hours) of gameplay to achieve their 1,040 cubes.  Google+ and Twitter mapped 3,125 validations over 668,000 seconds (185 hours) and 2,744 validations over 592,000 seconds (164 hours), respectively.

Securing a photo finish for The EyeWire Games, @aafenton, yesterday’s Top EyeWirer also became the top scoring daily player of all time with 35,010 points in 24 hours. During the games, several players made the All-Time Top Daily EyeWirer list — in fact, 6 of the top 10 daily highest scores were made during the past week!

Top 10 Highest Daily Score

Record breakers!

Check out each team’s top scoring player of the week by points:

Congrats to everyone — more stats will roll out this afternoon.

For now, Team Facebook members should start thinking what they want to call their neuron.. we hear many are in favor of IFLS.. 🙂

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