Be A Part of the Global EyeWire Video!

In light of the recently completed EyeWire Games, a valiant week-long social media race to map the 3D structure of neurons, we at EyeWire HQ feel like we’ve really gotten to know you. Whether through EyeWire chat or our Facebook page; Google+ Hangouts or the forums, we’re thrilled to invite you as a community to share your EyeWire experience through the power of video.

Here’s a message from Sebastian Seung explaining how:

Create and share a video about why you play EyeWire —

1. Tell us why you play.
2. Include any interesting stories as well as where you discovered EyeWire and how much you play.
3. Feel free to introduce yourself!
4. Say “I am my connectome.”
5. Upload your video to YouTube and email it to

We will compile these videos into a mashup and share the best stories with the world. Thanks for playing EyeWire, a game to map the brain!

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