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New Accuracy-Triggered Notifications

A new set of notifications is now live to welcome new Eyewirers and congratulate accuracy achievements in the game. Notifications will congratulate …

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Eyewire Cup Semifinals: Results

    Congrats to the top 2 teams advancing to the Eyewire Cup Finals: Antarctica vs Egypt! The finals begin Thurs, July 12 …

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Player Progression in Eyewire

Eyewire is only possible with a great community. You may think that Eyewirers just play cubes. In reality there is so much …

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5 Years of Eyewire

December 10th is Eyewire’s 5th birthday. Five years..I can hardly believe it! It seems like just yesterday that we were planning a launch and …

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Introducing Eyewire Mystic

The following post was first published on Discover.   Four years ago a citizen science game called Eyewire hatched from Seung Lab, then …