How to Build a Citizen Science Community or EyeWire’s Keynote at 2015 AAAS Citizen Science Pre-Conference


Today EyeWire Director Amy Robinson delivered a presentation at the inaugural Conference of the Citizen Science Association, a pre-event to the annual AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science). The presentation covers lessons learned over the past two years while we built EyeWire into 175,000-person strong community.

The keynote is 900 MB and consequently cannot be uploaded to Slideshare; however, you can check out a PDF of the talk, including presenter notes at this link: Amy Robinson AAAS CSA 2015.  Note that videos are not included. Feel free to check them out in the playlist below.

We hope this presentation provides useful information to citizen science project organizers around the world. Your questions, feedback and ideas are welcome – send them to amy at eyewire dot org.

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