Player Progression in Eyewire

Eyewire is only possible with a great community. You may think that Eyewirers just play cubes. In reality there is so much more! Much of Eyewire consists not of playing cubes but checking them, ensuring that the work of the community is precise and accurate.

The Realm of Scouts and Scythes

These special features of the game are carried out by ranked Eyewire players known as Scouts and Scythes. They are tasked with finding and fixing errors in neurons, known as Flagging and Reaping. Scouts flag cubes and Scythes reap them to remove mergers and extend stuck branches. They also check over each branch before we declare any cell complete. You, too, can be a Scout. Here’s an overview of the qualifications and the progression pipeline:

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There are two additional classes not mentioned above. Moderators welcome new players to Eyewire, serving as ambassadors to Seung Lab. They also drop the hammer in chat, keeping it PG-rated and obliterating trolls with the mighty mute function. Mentors are some of the most important expert tracers who have the ability to jump into other Eyewirers cubes and help in real time. Each promotion comes with an elite badge.

Role Details

Scout, Scythe, and Mentor Qualifications:

  • Have earned at least 50,000 points and completed 500 cubes
  • Maintain at least 90% accuracy overall, with some flexibility if you’re really close
  • Participation in the Eyewire community through chat, forums, email, etc.

Moderator Qualifications:

  • Active in chat/the Eyewire community
  • Respectful of others
  • Knowledgeable about Eyewire basics
  • At least 16
  • Enforce Eyewire’s chat rules

Mystic Qualifications:

  • Scythe Complete an average of 200 cubes per month
  • Maintain at least 95% reaping accuracy
  • Because Mystics own their own cells, routine Eyewire participation matters

Request a Promotion

Promotions happen on a monthly basis. But you can apply at any time, if the thought’s crossed your mind, and we’ll see your request when the time comes! Just fill out the following form.