Hyperion: Crowdsourced Name for a New Neuron Type

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The second of six new neuron types discovered by Eyewirers is named Hyperion!

Hyperion is the Titan brother of Theia, the name of our first neuron. In Greek mythology, Ὑπερίων is the father of the Earth, Moon and dawn. Hyperion is “God of Watchfulness, Wisdom and the Light.” The name was chosen by Eyewirer @susi.

Hyperion won 36.5% of the popular vote. This fabulous name replaces the scientific name “type 2o.” You can check out all known examples of the Hyperion cells in the museum.

Future naming rounds will take place each month in Eyewire via notifications. You can check out an overview of the publication that led to the first gamer-discovered neurons here.

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