Surprise Trivia for Hallow-Xmas and Eyewire’s 10th Anniversary!

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Something big is arriving, Eyewirers! Something huge!

Can you believe it?

It’s Eyewire’s 10th anniversary, coming on December 10th. On that day, our groundbreaking game to map the brain will be a decade old!

As we get into Hallow-Xmas’ second-to-last week, we hope you’ll join us not only for that competition but to celebrate this incredible milestone for Eyewire in chat. We couldn’t have made it this far without a community like our chat community. Therefore, we’re going to be holding a surprise trivia session to add on to the existing Hallow-Xmas bonuses. We’ll have some seasonal holiday and neuroscience questions, but we’re going to especially focus on finding out what you know about Eyewire, Boston HQ, and Seung Lab!

Trivia How-To: The bot will start firing off questions at 10:00 AM EST on 12/7 and continue until 10:00 AM EST on 12/9, at which point things will finish with a power hour till 11. Submit your answers by typing them into the chat box. Optional: you may submit answers privately by messaging @inquizitor if you do not want other players to see your responses. To do this, type /pm inquizitor before your message.

Swag: The three highest scoring players will all win a brand new piece of Eyewire swag: a neuron JIGSAW PUZZLE! This is a very special opportunity.

For every question —
1st to answer – 300 points
2nd to answer – 200 points
3rd to answer – 100 points

The extra fun begins in a couple of days! See you then!