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Today we’re thrilled to release several new features in celebration of you, the Heroes of Eyewire!

Personalize your Profile

Tired of the Winning Team badge overshadowing your greatest Eyewire accomplishment? Now you can choose the featured badge in your profile. Open your profile, select settings, and choose your favorite achievement to display on your main profile page.

Scythe Points and Scythe Complete Badges

At long last, profile badges for Scythe Points and Scythe Complete are here. Inspired by ranked power players, Scouts and Scythes will now be able to unlock new badges themed for superpowers like invisibility, mindreading and gravitational control.

New Icons

You may notice that the bottom menu bar has evolved. We’ve created new icons for the following personal stats categories: Points, Cubes, Trailblaze. Scouts and Scythes will see new icons for Scythe Control Panel, Scythe Points, and Scythe Complete.

Eyewire Icons

Need for Speed

We’ve rearranged the order in which items in your profile load, speeding up the display of main page.

Perhaps you’re not a Scout or Scythe but are curious about the powers unlocked by this rank. Check out the new Scouts Manual for a sneak peak into the Scout Interface! We hope you’ll request a promotion during the next big competition.

Thanks for playing and being an invaluable part of the awesome Eyewire community. For Science!


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