Eyewire Hero: Origins


The Saga Begins

As Eyewire’s self-described “#1 Ultimate Superfan,” you decide you’d like to take a tour of the Princeton lab facilities, so you can see where all the action happens.  After much email correspondence and an extensive background check, Princeton HQ approves you for a visit.

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You arrive decked out in your best Eyewire swag (which you’ve accumulated from your extensive participation in Eyewire’s many competitions), and are super pumped to see where Eyewire’s data gets created!

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However, as you make your way through the hallowed halls of Princeton U, something catches your eye.  “Super Secret Mouse Lab, Shhhhh!  Authorized Personnel Only,” reads the sign above a mysterious passage.  Not one to be thwarted by a silly sign, you decide to investigate.

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Once inside you are surrounded by a bevvy of strange looking creatures.  Upon further inspection, you realize that they are all mice!  Big mice, little mice, flying mice, speedy mice, brainy mice, insaney mice!  You think that if Dr. Seuss was still around he could probably write a pretty great children’s book about these mice.

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One particularly interesting mouse is a kind of neon green color, and seems to have a faint glow around it.  Like a moth to an palely glowing mouse, you feel compelled to pet it.

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You reach your hand into the cage, and…. youch!  You pull your hand out to find two slightly glowing teeth marks on your index finger.

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You’ve never been a fan of blood, and as the wound opens you feel the room start to spin, and everything starts to sound a bit like you’re under water.

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You wake up in a daze a few hours later, back in your home.  There is a small bandage over your index finger.  You feel a bit strange – a bit stronger, perhaps a little more accurate.

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You cook yourself a piece of toast using your laser vision.  Hmmm, that’s new!

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Your phone begins to ring.  A restricted number.  Typically you would let a call like this go to voicemail, but something compels you to pick it up.  “Hello?”

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A dark and mysterious voice answers on the other end.  “Hero of Eyewire, only YOU can defeat the evil Mergitron, bain of all Eyewirers.  The city needs you, you are its final hope. ”

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The city of Eyewire never sleeps and is full of dastardly villians to boot!  Use your powers as Eyewire’s newest hero to save the city and keep the Citizens of Science safe!

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Accuracy Entanglement

Get your feet wet as Eyewire’s newest superhero in a battle with the menacing Missing Nub.  Use your skills of super speed and supernatural precision to carry the day in this 2 hour fight for accurate tracing.

Friday, Feburary 19th at 2:00-4:00pm ET or 10:00-11:59pm ET


  • Highest accuracy for at least 20 cubes completed = 1 t-shirt
  • 2nd, 3rd places = 2 posters

Evil Cube Strikes Back

It’s the return of Evil Cube, one of Eyewire’s most notorious villians!  Turn up your dust trackers, fire off your merger detectors, and puddle jump over toxic black spills to win this battle of unmatched evilness!  If you successfully navigate all 12 of Evil Cube’s evil spawn, you will be victorious!

Saturday, February 20 at 12:00am ET – Thursday, February 25 at 12:00pm ET


  • Highest accuracy = 1 t-shirt
  • 2nd, 3rd places = 2 mugs
  • Raffle (for completing evil cubes) = 2 mugs

Trollbot Trivia

Oh dear, chat has been infiltrated and Inquizator has been replaced with the extremely annoying Trollbot!

There is only one way to save the day!  Use your amazing repository of science, Eyewire, and superhero knowledge to defeat Trollbot and save the chat from obnoxiousness.

Sunday, February 21 at 11am ET – Tuesday, February 23 at 11am ET

Power Hour Tuesday, February 23rd 11:00am -12:00pm ET


  • Top three scoring players – 1 t-shirt each

Flight vs Invisibility

Take a break from fighting Eyewire’s villians, and take a bit of time to ponder over your most desired superpower.  Flight or Invisibility, which superpower is truly superior?

Tuesday, February 23 at 11am ET – Wednesday, February 24 at 11am ET


  • top scorer on each team – t-shirt + sticker
  • everyone on the winning team – sticker

Mergitron Marathon

Fight against the most horrifying of all Eyewire villains, the monstrous Mergitron!   Mergitron may try to throw you off with confusing connections and AI fuses, but do not fear!  With your cube building super speed and acute accuracy-vision you can lead the Citizens of Science to the cell-building finish line in under 24 hours.

Wednesday, February 24 at 10am ET – Thursday, February 25, at 10am ET

  • Players who complete 200+ cubes nominate a name for the cell
  • Players who complete 50+ cubes vote on a name for the cell


  • Highest # of cubes completed – 1 shirt
  • Highest accuracy for at least 50 cubes completed – 1 shirt

Swag Raffle

Anyone who earns a participation badge in any competition will be entered into a raffle for the following swag items:

  • 1 shirt
  • 1 book
  • 1 poster
  • 1 mug
  • 1 special prize

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