Skywire: Aether of Accuracy Happy Hour

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You’re ready to begin your journey and give your Skycycle a final wind up before you start heading up up and away.  However, you are feeling a bit parched and decide it is a good idea to partake in some provisions before taking off.  The local pub is having a midday special on a very enticing looking absinthe, and you decide that is the perfect thing to quench your thirst before this long and arduous journey!

You have a glass and it loosens you up a bit, and you start telling the locals about your important letter that needs to be delivered.  They are in awe at your story, having heard many tales of Mr. G.R., but never having seen him in the flesh — er, whatever it is he has beneath that ominous cloak.  They ask to see the letter but you tell them it must stay in safe keeping.  They offer to buy you another round (you suspect they hope enough absinthe will get you to spill the beans, so to speak), but you decline.  You must focus on the journey ahead, and frankly that one glass was strong enough.  Did the sky always look this vibrant and did everything always have a strange rainbow-like aura about it?  Surely it must have.

You’re on your way!  Fly with careful accuracy and make sure to avoid all those neon colored unicorns (their horns are very sharp!) so that you may deliver your package on time.

There will be two chances to attempt this challenge. All times are EST:

Session 1 – 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM on 2/17
Session 2 – 10:00 PM to 11:59 PM on 2/17

Earn Happy Hour bonuses, and badges to boot!

80% accuracy – The training wheels are ready to come off!
90% accuracy – We have a seasoned Skypilot on our hands!
95% accuracy – You’re ready to ride in the Tour de Skies.

In addition to your regularly scheduled Happy Hour earnings, the following bonuses will be bestowed upon the worthy:

1st Place Accuracy – 10,000 point bonus
2nd Place Accuracy – 8,000 point bonus
3rd Place Accuracy – 6,000 point bonus
Anyone else with 95% – 5,000 point bonus
Anyone else with 90% – 3,000 point bonus
Anyone else with 80% – 2,000 point bonus
Under 80% but played at least 20 cubes – 1,000 point bonus

Mentors: You are still allowed to mentor people during these time windows. Please just use your best judgment as to whether someone is asking you for basic newbie help vs. trying to have you boost their accuracy on cube after cube.

Scythes: Please avoid scything during these time windows. Even though accuracy for this will be retroactively calculated, we would prefer to go with accuracy based on players’ raw tracing. By the time this challenge is scored, don’t worry, admins will have corrected consensus as needed.

Artwork by Daniela Gamba

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