Practice for the Winter Hunt

A number of you have asked for something on which to hone your skills before the Hunt III commences.

Go to SB 179 (it’s under the Completed Cells section)

I have placed 3 mergers on this cell.  They are highlighted in grey.

Sb 179


Just like in the regular Hunt you will message nkem_test with your best guess for the coordinates.  You can read more about how to find the coordinates here.  The guesses you use here WILL NOT be taken out of your guesses for the Winter Hunt.  The guesses will be reset when the Hunt starts.

Let me tell you a little about spotting mergers in the overview.

1)  The first thing that should tip you off about this branch is that the branch is both longer, and straighter than any of the other branches.  You might also notice that the branch appears to make a right angle–that’s where I’d bet the merger is.  Once you’ve zoomed in on that spot (the grey spot) you’ll see that the branch isn’t a smooth continuation, it is indeed a merger.

2) On this one you’ll note that there’s a branch that appears to be growing backwards.  Almost certainly a sign of a merger.

3) This one is a little trickier.  The branch comes out at a sharp angle.  That is uncommon in starbursts.  It also crosses another branch.

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