Past vs Future: A time traveling face-off

Lina, Brax, past, future, abacus, computer, time travel

If you could travel through time, would you rather go back into the past or jump forward into the future?


You already know what's going to happen, so you can make an informed decision before you time jump!Spoilers 🙁
Laugh at the things your history books got wrongUnmodern medicine - don't get sick x_x
Meet the historical figures you've always wanted to! Or see if your ancestors have the same weird quirks as youNo GPS


Endless possibilities!You don't know what you could be getting yourself into
Witness awesome future tech and innovations you couldn't have dreamed ofMakes the present seem boring by comparison
See how humanity ultimately pans outPossible Black Mirror futures
Possibility for cool space exploration advancementsEven more social media

Pick a direction and let the best time travelers win!

The competition starts at 11 AM EDT on 7/25 and runs for 24 hours.

Artwork by Elena Daly